It seems much longer ago than September 2014 that Matt Mullenweg wrote about the WordPress Community and giving 5 percent.

five percent

I had been volunteering as a moderator with for a few months. When I read Matt’s article, I suddenly realized that I was a part of something so much bigger than I originally thought. The WordPress Community is truly global. Through my involvement with WordPress TV, I have chatted with people not only in North America but in Asia and Europe too.

A few days ago there was an article on the Torque website called “11 Ways To Contribute To WordPress” This is a very good read on several different ways that people can contribute to WordPress.

In mid January there was a posting by Jen on the Make WordPress Community which included a flyer that can be printed out and used at WordPress event.


Here is the link to the flyer:

I plan to attend WordCamps in St. Louis and Dayton next month. Back to back weekends of WordPress awesomeness for sure! I am going to check with the organizers about bringing the flyers to hand out.


WordPress eBooks

I was listening to the KitchensinkWP podcast (episode E038) a few days ago when Adam Silver mentioned 2 WordPress eBooks were available at the Hot Off the Press WordPress dot com website. I checked the website and downloaded the 2 eBooks – Writing 101 and Writing 201.

While I was browsing through the website, I found three other eBooks available for download. You can see all 5 eBooks here:

During my presentation at WordCamp Dayton on Find WordPress Help, I had made reference to the 30 plus eBooks that are available for free at the iThemes website. You can see the entire list of eBooks here:

The amount of resources available to WordPress users continues to amaze me! eBooks, podcast, videos on WordPressTV, WordCamps, etc, the information is out there for anybody to find and use.